Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

  • Pandi Barita Nauli Simangunsong, M.Kom Google Profile, Scopus,Medan, Politeknik LP3I Medan, Indonesia

Associate Editors

  • Syarifah Fadillah rezki, M.Kom Google Profile, Scopus iD: 57144449500,STMIK Triguna Darma Medan, INA
  • Dewi Wahyuni,S.Kom., M.Kom Google Profile, iD:Scopus, Universitas battuta, INA
  • Muhammad Iqbal,S.Kom., M.Kom Google Profile, Scopus iD: 57200089307, Universitas Imelda Medan, INA
  • Fristi Riandari, S.Kom., M.KomGoogle Profile, Scopus iD: 57202376726,Medan, STMIK Pelita Nusantara,sumatera Utara Indonesia

Copy Editor

  • Irpan Nainggolan,S.Kom, Google Profile, Universitas Budi Darma, Indonesia
  • Rijal Nainggolan, S.Kom.,M.Kom,, Universitas Budidarma Medan, Indonesia
  • Novriadi Antonius Siagian, Universitas Mikroskil, Indonesia

1. Receiving incoming Paper
2. Refusing Paper that Does Not Fit the Topic
3. Give feedback to the author to follow the guide
4. Distributing Paper to the Review team
5. Submitting to the author the results of improvements from
6. Decide whether the proposed text can be published in the Infokum Journal.
7. Select, determine and appoint peer reviewer members based on their expertise
8. Asking potential writers to donate manuscripts
9. Schedule accepted manuscripts for publication
10. Adjust the workload balanced between the editor and the reviewer.
11. Resolving disputes or disagreements relating to the editing and publication of manuscripts in journals
12. Conduct an overall publishing evaluation